Climate Finance

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Climate Finance

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In addition to our shareholder engagement with companies, our members are committed to supporting climate finance, or impact investing for climate solutions. This includes allocating a portion of investment portfolios to the technology and resources that will enable a transition to a low-carbon economy. This commitment stems from a recognition that in order limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius and maintain a safe climate, significant financial resources must be invested into the low-carbon economy in the coming decades. As faith-based investors, we also believe that our climate finance investments must be attentive to the needs of poor people, prioritizing the needs of vulnerable communities.

The Coalition’s efforts began with a special meeting held in June 2014 to explore opportunities to allocate resources to climate solutions. The livestream of the meeting is available here. Since that time, the Coalition has compiled a number of resources, available in the Climate Finance Resources section of our website, including our publication Impact Investing for Climate Solutions. In February 2015, Tri-State Coalition led efforts to organize a day-long Climate Finance Roundtable at ICCR, featuring three panels and a “clearinghouse” of investment managers focused on climate solutions. Videos from the event are available here.

Tri-State CRI is committed to providing resources and consultation for our members to advance their own climate finance initiatives. A number of Coalition members have begun to explore climate finance, including by conducting portfolio carbon footprints to establish their exposure to high-carbon investments. In addition, the congregations of the national Dominican Sisters Conference, with the assistance of Tri-State CRI, committed to climate finance. For members beginning to explore climate finance, coalition staff has met with investment committees to answer questions and provide resources.