Membership Services

Membership Services

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The Tri-State CRI serves as a resource for its members and supports their education to enable them to implement socially responsible investing in their institutional investment portfolios. The Coalition provides services and resources to our members to inform them, keep abreast of timely opportunities, and facilitate their participation in shareholder engagements on issues that are relevant to their ministries and priorities.

It is increasingly important for investors committed to SRI to address these issues with their portfolio managers and investment consultants so that their financial advisors integrate these priorities into their asset allocation and investment decision-making. We support these efforts in our coalition member meetings, through the newsletter, and by providing guidance and support to Investment Committees, upon request. Tri-State CRI believes that socially responsible investors can have a catalytic role to make markets more just and sustainable with considerations for the long-term interests of financial actors.

Member Benefits

CRI Staff commit to support membership in the following ways to further Corporate Responsibility work and implementation of commitment to Socially Responsible Investing.

  • CRI serves as liaison between Members and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) by: facilitating participation of Members in the work of ICCR by sharing updates and informing membership of ICCR priorities and activities, and CRI staff representing CRI Member priorities, voice, and interests to ICCR;
  • Hold three annual in-person meetings where CRI provides updates on the ICCR meetings, expertise to support Socially Responsible Investing, and an opportunity to network with other Catholic religious orders in goals of corporate responsibility;
  • Send monthly e-newsletter with digest of recent engagements, reports, tools, and opportunities  and disseminate regular updates with actions;
  • Coordinate, support capacity building, and facilitate Member participation in shareholder engagement around issues of interest;
  • Provide resources on new and current issues in preparation for proxy voting and share model Proxy Voting Guidelines;
  • Provide resources, forum to discuss, and capacity building around climate finance and community investing;
  • Advise on Investment Guidelines and Investment Committee priorities and support revision and reflection as needed;
  • Provide resources on integrating Socially Responsible Investing priorities into relationship with Member financial managers and consultants.

Strategic-Planning-PhotoCRI Members are encouraged to: Attend regular meetings three times per year; Share communications (newsletter, action alerts, updates) with communications staff person and other relevant community members; support SRI integration into Investment Committee priorities; Participate in Shareholder Engagement to the extent they are able; and Support integration of SRI priorities in Proxy Voting.

How to become a member

If you are interested in integrating Socially Responsible Investment into your ministry, please contact Mary Beth Gallagher and consider joining the Coalition.

Partners Program

Individual investors can join our Partners Program to stay informed of our work, learn about opportunities to get involved, and support Catholic Social Teaching in practice. Tri-State CRI’s Partner Program is a meaningful way for individuals committed to social and economic justice to support our mission and live out their values in transforming the marketplace.

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