Consulting Services: Proxy Voting & Shareholder Engagement

Consulting Services: Proxy Voting & Shareholder Engagement

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The Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment (CRI) works as a socially responsible investing consultant for institutional investors to facilitate and support them as they carry out their commitment to align the power of their portfolio with the mission of the organization. Tri-State CRI can work with clients to provide limited or more robust support, depending on their needs in the areas of Proxy Voting, Shareholder Engagement, and Investment Guidelines.

Proxy Voting Services

The Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment, with 40 years of socially responsible investing expertise, offers proxy voting services to institutional investors. Through our service, we take responsibility for casting your ballots on each proxy vote for all the companies in your equity portfolio. Our Proxy Voting Service is designed to enable smaller investors to ensure that their proxies are voted consistently with their values and affordably.

We offer certainty that your proxy voting will align with the mission of your community and concerns for Catholic Social Teaching such as the Common Good and the Dignity of all people. We offer ESG best-practices for proxy voting that strengthen shareholder value, manage risk, and create a healthier, more just world. As a member of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), we ensure that your ballots will support all the shareholder proposals presented by ICCR, as well as any other SRI-related proposals. Lastly, we provide comprehensive record-keeping and reporting of all votes at affordable pricing.

Download the Proxy Voting Flyer here.

Shareholder Engagement Services

Members or other institutional investors may engage the Tri-State CRI to facilitate your shareholder advocacy with corporations in their investment portfolio. We conduct corporate engagement on behalf of investors in priority areas of concern, meeting with companies and filing shareholder resolutions according with our strategic approach.

The Tri-State Coalition provides consulting services for investors related to the implementation of institution’s socially responsible investing priorities.  Services include:

  • Develop a Shareholder Engagement Work Plan
    • Assess institutional holdings and identify opportunities to engage with corporations among key areas of interest (e.g. Human Rights, Climate Change, Financial Practices, Water)
    • Create a focus list of companies and issues for engagement
    • Work with clients’ investment committees and other key decision makers to ensure institutional support for proposed work plan
    • Report outputs and outcomes of engagement plan on a regular basis
  • Corporate Dialogues
    • Represent or support client participation in corporate dialogues with company executives on identified issues
    • Conduct outreach to impacted stakeholders to inform our engagement
  • File Shareholder Resolutions
    • Draft shareholder proposals on priority issues with company targets
    • Prepare shareholder resolution filing or co-filing materials
    • Serve as a liaison between corporate executives and filers
    • Develop and disseminate resources to increase the vote and impact of shareholder resolutions among investor networks

 Investment Guidelines and Investment Committee Support

The Tri-State CRI can help institutional investors ensure they have the tools in place to define, align, and implement the institution’s socially responsible investing priorities, through investment guidelines, investment committee materials, and resources for engaging with external managers.

Services include:

  • Develop or revise Investment Guidelines
  • Develop or revise Proxy Voting Guidelines
  • Participate in Investment Committee Meetings to educate committee members on themes or specific SRI issues (e.g. Climate Finance, Community Investing, Trends in SRI, Monitoring ESG Integration)


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